FTE Hydraulic Systems Tri-Fold Brochure Updated 2022

Complete solutions for replacement clutch hydraulics

Clutch Master Cylinder Purpose:

Pre-Filled Systems Features/Benefits:

• System arrives together as one piece for easy installation • Pre-filled benefit also includes the reduction of bleeding time, therefore eliminating the potential for air in the system • No air-ingress! Precision-engineered couplings to ensure quick remove and installation • Ensure proper lubricity and fluid compatibility for optimal performance

The master cylinder houses the hydraulic fluid in the reservoir and translates the physical input of the clutch pedal from the driver into hydraulic pressure towards engaging or disengaging the clutch pressure plate. • Distinguished by their low friction and low volume intake, therefore offer high levels of effectiveness • All necessary displacement and switching point sensors can be integrated into the system

Figure 2. Clutch Master Cylinder and Clutch Release Bearing & Slave Cylinder Assembly System

Figure 1. Clutch Master Cylinder and Clutch Slave Cylinder Assembly

Clutch Release Bearing + Slave Cylinder Assembly

Purpose: Taking the place of the slave cylinder, clutch fork, and release bearing, the clutch release bearing and slave cylinder assembly receives the hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder and translates it into outward movement of the attached bearing to release the pressure plate. • Features a light-weight clutch release bearing with special lubricant making them particularly resistant to heat • Constructed with engineering plastics that serve as a great alternative to metals by offering equal durability but are lower in weight

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