VS - Transmission Systems Dual-Mass Flywheel DMF valeoscope

Cover The cover is welded to the primary flywheel to form a sealed chamber containing the curved springs, spring guides and the grease.

Bearing or bushing The bearing or bushing is an interface between the two inertias during angular displacement. The first design contains only a bearing. The bushing has only recently been introduced into production.

5.2. Secondary Inertia (mass) The secondary flywheel is a cast iron component. One side is machined to form the friction surface of the disc. The secondary flywheel transmits the engine torque to the clutch, the gearbox and the wheels.

Friction washers During engine start-up, a high angular deflection occurs between the two inertias. To limit this deflection and help improve engine start-up, friction washers are added on certain applications. They do not operate in drive mode.


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