VS - Transmission Systems Dual-Mass Flywheel DMF valeoscope

8 Dual Mass Flywheel technology evolutions

Modern engines deliver higher torque at lower speeds for fuel economy. These engines therefore generate increased vibration. Furthermore, the car manufacturers demand evermore silent vehicles for driving comfort. Thus, improved vibration filtering is mandatory, especially in case of Rear Wheel Drive (R.W.D.) transmission with engine torques above 400Nm.

Valeo’s technology roadmap addresses innovative solutions

l D.M.F. with Inner Damper

l Long Travel Damper D.M.F.

l Flexible D.M.F.

8.1 D.M.F. with inner damper At high engine speeds, the centrifugal load pushes the springs against the spring guides and creates friction. Due to this friction between the springs and the spring guides, the active number of coil springs is reduced; therefore, the effective spring stiffness is increased and filtering capacity is reduced.


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