VS - Transmission Systems Dual-Mass Flywheel DMF valeoscope

D.M.F./KIT4P Adapted to your needs! D.M.F. l Designed for lasting performance l Improved driving comfort KIT4P l Economical & reliable l Alternative solution to D.M.F. Hydraulics l All-in-one solution l Quick & easy to install Traditional Kits l One of the market’s best coverage rates l Best-in-class Valeo friction material Valeo clutches, expertise & innovation dedicated to customer satisfaction

Aftermarket self-adjusting solutions 2 offers: l S.A.T. (O.E. solution for I.A.M.) l H.E.C. (I.A.M. solution)

3 main benefits: l Easy to fit! No need for specialist tool l Economical solution l Constant pedal effort = optimal driver’s comfort

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