VS - Transmission Systems Dual-Mass Flywheel DMF valeoscope

9 Analysis

and diagnosis of damage to the Dual Mass Flywheel Always check the D.M.F. when replacing the clutch and replace when necessary. A worn and defective D.M.F. can damage the newly installed clutch. A full functional test can only be performed at a properly equipped test facility. This guide to visual inspection and measurements can be used to decide whether the Valeo Dual Mass Flywheel must be replaced or not. In case of doubt, always replace the D.M.F. together with the clutch. Reworking the secondary flywheel friction surface is not possible. Never install a dropped D.M.F. l Check the shaft sealing rings for oil leakage and replace if necessary l Check starter ring for any damage l Always use new fixing bolts l Check if the dowel pins are correctly positioned l Clean the contact surfaces using a damp cloth For more information on the Dual Mass Flywheel and the common failures, visit: www.valeo-techassist.com Before installation


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