VS - Transmission Systems Dual-Mass Flywheel DMF valeoscope

8.2 Long travel damper D.M.F. Valeo's Long Travel Damper Dual Mass Flywheel offers improved acoustic comfort and reduces vibrations. The L.T.D. D.M.F. significantly reduces perceived vibrations and engine noise. This represents a major step forward in powertrain filtration technologies. This advance is especially important because the fuel-saving engines now being developed have higher torque and, consequently, generate greater vibrations, especially at low speed. The L.T.D. D.M.F. absorbs torque vibrations generated by the engine to the transmission, thereby increasing the comfort of the vehicle's occupants. Two compact filtration devices give the L.T.D. D.M.F. the qualities required to become an essential component in tomorrow's conventional high-performance engines as well as for hybrid powertrains, which have the strictest installation constraints.

Focus on L.T.D. technology

Effective area

Long Travel Damper

Long Travel Damper

Drive plate No.1

Hysteresis washer

Transmission side

Drive plate No.2

Flange Back plate

Engine side


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