VS - Transmission Systems Dual-Mass Flywheel DMF valeoscope

8. Dual Mass Flywheel technology evolutions

The technology L.T.D. is based on two sets of three springs operating in series and synchronised by a back plate. The straight springs are less sensitive to the centrifugal load than the curved springs. This provides less friction, hence the filtering is better than with the curved springs.

Integration of L.T.D. to flywheel; Long Travel Damper D.M.F

In addition to the known dual mass flywheel technology, the L.T.D. D.M.F. integrates a long travel damper developed by Valeo for torque converters in automatic transmissions. This combination allows it to provide optimal filtration, especially during start- up, thanks to a maximum angular displacement of 80°, as well as an exceptional performance level in all engine regimes. Valeo’s long travel damper dual mass flywheel offers comfort levels previously unknown on the most fuel-efficient engines. The NVH (Noise-Vibration- Harshness) level and ease of gear changes offer remarkable driving comfort for the most vibration- prone engines.

L.T.D. D.M.F.

On the graph, you can see the behaviour of L.T.D. D.M.F. and a comparison of L.T.D. with curved spring. The combination of curved spring and long travel damper technologies ensures both start-up (curved springs) and optimum filtration (L.T.D.) of the engine


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